March 17, 2016

Week 28 {365 Project}

Days 189-195 started with spontaneous coast trip and ended with an Irish celebration with one of the most rad women I know. The days between it rained quite a bit so we compensated with puddle jumping, playing with our new baby chicks, and a little shopping.  I always find myself feeling a little uninspired in March (this weather!) and I’m looking forward to some spring activities throughout the rest of the month.  Fingers crossed next week has a bit more sunshine!


Day 189 | 365 … Exploring the dunes. 🌊


Day 190 | 365 … Missed school and out for a little honey and elderberry run. Hate when these spring colds sneak up on us. 😷


Day 191 | 365 … New princess clogs and a serious conversation with her reflection.


Day 192 | 365 … IKEA is exhausting for us all. 😅


Day 193 | 365 … Because when it’s too cold and wet to go camping, we pretend we are anyways. 🔥


Day 194 | 365 … Offers of smooches and her favorite ball. I think it’s safe to say it’s love. 💕


Day 195 | 365 … Dancing with the amazing midwife who welcomed her and her sis into this world. I love this lady to pieces. And I loved this day to pieces. ❤️


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