August 13, 2016

Week 49 {365 Project}

Days 336-342: Vacation week!  We started off the week with great friends from Alaska visiting, and ended with another set of friends that live just a few miles outside of Jedidiah Smith Redwood’s entrance in Northern CA. We hiked, swam, kayaked, watched movies on the garage, and laughed so so much.  I could really bottle this week up forever!  Until next week, friends.


336 | 365 … Went for a hike in the forest and came back with loads of blackberries and a dozen or so apples! (ps: I just have to admit she’s laughing hysterically here because she tooted, haha!)


337 | 365 … This chicken whisperer is officially a bunny whisperer as well. I love the way she loves!


338 | 365 … Our dear friends from AK are here, and the girls more than hit it off!


339 | 365 … Momma went kayaking today and I came home to some gardeners in their bathing suits!


340 | 365 … Swimming + kayaking with friends in Northern CA. Oh summer, you’re fabulous!

341 | 365 … Because outdoor showering in the redwoods should be on everyones bucket list.


342 | 365 … Sitting in some fallen tree roots. They have the same reaction I do in the redwoods!


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