August 15, 2016

Week 50 {365 Project}

Week 50 already … there’s only 52 weeks in the year!  Gasp!  As this project comes to an end I’m both sad and excited because some days inspiration just doesn’t strike every single day.  I am however learning so much about myself (more on that soon) and I’m beyond happy I did this.  This week starts off at the tail end of our vacation, celebrates the beautiful lady who delivered my girls, and spends some quality time with Nana & Grandpa.  August has been hot, hot, hot and we’ve been finding ways to escape that which you’ll see below.

See you all next week, friends.


343 | 365 … Smooches on the beach before heading home. We traveled home along the southern OR coast (where we honeymooned) and it brought back so many memories tide pooling, camping, and hiking with my sweetie almost 8 years ago. Sharing this with the girls is too, too awesome.


344 | 365 … Sandbox views.


345 | 365 … Celebrated this lady tonight. An incredible woman and midwife who has inspired me beyond measure in my career, was my rock x 2 for my pregnancies and wonderful births, and has been an amazing friend all along the way. This woman was a pivotal part of me becoming a mother, and seeing her relationship with my girls truly melts my heart. My gratitude runs so, so deep.


346 | 365 … Drawing photos of birds with Nana on the stairs. Watching when they don’t see me is often my favorite shots of all.


347 | 365 … She’s adored this dude since he was in his mommas belly. 😍


348 | 365 … Errand day, a stop at the pet store. It’s been a grueling week of 90+ degree weather, and the girls begged to stay at each store a little bit longer today (odd request coming from my country bumpkins!).


349 | 365 … These dog days of summer, and the bathing suit is almost always on.


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