December 6, 2017

The Free 52 – November ’17

November. A time to slow down, focus, and attempt to get ready for the upcoming holidays (which never happens for me, how about you?). I spent this month busier than I would’ve thought, but I still tried to pause at moments to take in gratitude. Going outside with my girls is always one of the first steps in pausing and embracing the moment for me.

Mid-November my husband was out of town, and I took the girls hiking to some waterfalls. I freelensed with my lensbaby (that seems a little silly, I know – but I love the quirky captures I of it, and focusing is SO easy compared to my other 50 mm’s).

I really couldn’t wait until December to get a tree, so we jumped right in after Thanksgiving. We went to a tree farm we’ve visited since my oldest was in my belly, and I think we spent 99% of that time playing hide and seek and giggling like crazy.


Please continue on this blog circle to one of the most inspiring ladies I know – the talented Gwen of Hidden Springs Stories!



  • Julie December 7, 2017

    All beautiful! But I love the Christmas tree farm ones the best! Looks like so much fun!

  • Diana December 8, 2017

    These are beautiful and rejuvenating to look at. I’m the same. I always love a pause and moment of reflection in nature. That Christmas tree farm looks so amazing! Interesting to hear about the lens baby being easier to focus.

  • Gwendolyn Athman January 11, 2018

    Just realized I never went through the November circle! I’m in love with your BW conversions on the foilage shots. And now I gotta try some Lensbaby free lensing!

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