August 17, 2015

Brothers: Gabriel and Elijah

Cathy and her boys showed up to Dorris Ranch and the first thing I asked was, “are you guys excited?!”  The boys, 8 and 10 years old, gave me there best fake grins and muttered “yea….” just as you’d expect boys that age to feel about a professional photo shoot.  I quickly responded to them that this would be a fun shoot – that I want them to simply play and act normal, and that I would follow them around with camera in hand while sneaking mom in a few shots at times.  The boys immediately lit up – they started throwing sticks around, pretending to build a fire, and daydreaming while teasing one another under an oak tree.  I also snuck in a few lovely photos of the beautiful Cathy who I have the privilege of working with in my other career as a nurse.  Thanks so much Cathy & boys, it was my pleasure to document a little moment of your life, I found it simply beautiful.


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  • Cathy Rasmussen August 18, 2015

    Thanks for all the beautiful photos, April… You really captured their personalities. You are such a talented photographer:)

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