February 28, 2017

Get in 52 – February

Week 5 

This week my baby turned 5.  FIVE!  The last day as a 4 year old she took a nap, something that’s very rare these days.  So I snapped a few shots then joined her in slumber.  This might be my favorite shot so far.

Week 6 

The next week was a busy one so I managed to sneak a photo when coloring on the windows with my little love, then having a ladies night with one of my best friends.

Week 7

Week 7 started right around valentines day, and we decided to spend the day doing what we love the most: getting outside and having a bonfire.  I managed to sneak a photo with my hubby and will cherish it forever!

Week 8

Week 8 was a fun one.  The first photo is an interesting choice for a favorite, but it might just be because it shows my girls personalities to a t.  My big girl is a bit of a mini-me, and she was attempting to give a ‘serious’ face.  My youngest takes after her papa and loves to be a goof-ball & make people laugh.

It was their idea to add in the bear ears and wig at the end, and we had such a blast taking these.


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