April 3, 2017

Get in 52 – March

9 | 52

Hubby and I got a rare date night hiking with just the two of us.  We spent sunset on one of our favorite buttes around here, and it was absolutely perfect. 

10 | 52

I took a couple self portraits this week.  One while starting a fire with the girls on a damp hike (thanks hubby!), and the other while out to milkshakes after school one day with the girls.  Two very special memories I’ll always hold dear.

11 | 52

We got a hint of spring this week on a family hike.  We spent hours on this rock, eating lunch and admiring the views.

12 | 52

This was a busy week, and this shot happened to be taken on the side of a highway after a potty break.  Funny enough, it’s one of my favorites of the month.

See you all next month.


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