May 31, 2017

Get in 52 – May

Somehow the month of May ended just as quickly as it came.  Behold, my portraits in May.

17 | 52

This week was way out of my comfort zone.  I’m in this awe inspiring group online of women getting in the frame, and many of them post very artsy, beautiful shots.  Here was my take on the day before my birthday, turning another year older.  Each year I feel more and more comfortable in my own skin, yet somehow fragile in the sense of how time is so fleeting, and going quicker each year.  Sometimes I want to stay here in this moment and not let it go.

18 | 52

Week 18 was our first camping trip of ’17 with one of my best friends from childhood, a little birthday celebration of sorts (it’s a week long celebration, right?). 

19 | 52

This week we celebrated Mother’s Day.  It was a usual day lounging around the house doing chores and being silly. The best type of days sometimes.

20 | 52

Week 20 I wasn’t feeling too inspired (this project comes in waves of boredom and inspiration I’ve found) so I snapped some quick shots while hiking with my youngest and our friends.  My girl stripped down to her skivvies and waded in ice cold water. Truly part of our family that’s for sure, haha.

21 | 52

Week 21 was spent wildflower hunting and hiking up a favorite hill right by our home.  I got a new tattoo of wildflowers all symbolizing my family, and naturally I had to include that in a couple shots.

See you all next month.


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