June 13, 2018

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon Photographer {The Sheppy Family}

If I had an award for most adventurous family, it would surely go to this lovely crew.  Ellie got a hold of me months ago to ask me if I could document their family after their third babe joined the family. She told me a little backstory that for their anniversary last year, they went hiking to a local waterfall and didn’t know little Theo was in her belly yet. I was pretty darn excited to explore a newer area to me, and boy these falls did not disappoint. The girls happily played and danced around the creek, and I felt like I was hanging out with friends while chatting with mom & dad the entire evening. I could sense the deep love and connection of this family – I feel privileged to have documented one part of their journey in life.  But enough of my blabbing, press play for some music and scroll down for some love.

Music by: Gillicuddy


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