May 5, 2017

The Free 52 – April 2017

Yet again another month has passed by.  I found this month a bit harder to squeeze in freelensing due to sickness, family visits, and overall exhaustion but I’m always so glad I do.  We started off the month visiting a local tulip farm, a favorite tradition each year my girls adore going to.

I found myself trying to capture more of nature + freelensing this month while simply hiking our trails along the property.

 My sister came and visited for easter and my youngest daughters birthday, and despite taking a lot of photos that week this was the only afternoon I freelensed.  We had such a blast all coloring eggs together.

The last week of April I spent working (my main job is a nurse) but did manage to take a few shots of our trilliums before they went away, and a few other spots on our property.  These were take with my old Helios lens and I just love the painting-like feels of that lens.

That’s it for April!  Be sure to follow along the blog circle to the lovely Kristin Anderson’s blog post.



  • Julie Godbolt May 5, 2017

    All gorgeous images! Which tulip field did you go to? And that first image of the little trillium with your Helios is just so beautiful!!! <3

  • Christine May 6, 2017

    Beautiful images, April. I LOVE the one of the fern fronds. It’s simply gorgeous! 😀

  • Katie Woodard May 7, 2017

    Love them all April, I’d love to visit a tulip farm and your property is so gorgeous!

  • Gwen Athman May 7, 2017

    gaaaaaawd those tulips!!! Seriously so pretty. Love this whole month!

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