October 10, 2018

The Free 52 – September ’18

One of my goals this last month was to get myself back into freelensing a little more – it’s where my love for creative/out of the box photography really started. September was the perfect time for this as the kids went back to school and life went back to a little more routine. This first series of shots was actually from the first day of school after the girls got home, & the animals were so excited. Both of my girls adore all of our animals, and we have one self proclaimed ‘cat lady’ and the other a ‘dog lady.’ I bet you can guess who’s who. Also, yes we have a lot of animals.. I know. 😉

I had to include all these cat training shots in this. My girl really puts a lot of efforts into training our cat to do tricks!

Mid month we celebrated ten years of marriage. TEN! I had high hopes to plan some big vow renewal or an epic backpacking trip solo with my man, but the month got ahead of me (the year really). So we celebrated with our girls camping in one of our favorite places of all times in Eastern Oregon. We found this area randomly in a fishing book years ago, and it holds a truly special place in my heart.  We spent the weekend hiking, star gazing, climbing, and fly fishing. Perfection.

My youngest is pretty convinced we spent the day on Mars.

Mid to late September is one of my favorites – elderberry season! I swear (and many doctors too!) by the antiviral/antibacterial and pro-immune system support of this stuff. It’s a little bit of a pain to destem and cook down into syrup, but SO worth it. This year we many gummy bears which has been a game changer and way less messy.

So there we are, our sweet September. Be sure to continue on this blog circle by heading over to the talented Katie Woodward’s amazing post!



  • Diana October 10, 2018

    That elderberry juice sounds delicious! We get them here too, although I don’t know what to do with them. You will have to send me the recipe 🙂 Amazing freelensing as always Xx

  • Katie Woodard October 10, 2018

    What a sweet and special series with all of the animals. And such a gorgeous camping spot! I love elderberries too and also swear by them, we just bought a plant to try and grow them here!

  • Gwen Athman November 20, 2018

    OH those painted hills! I swear your free-lensed landscapes deserve a booth at the market 🙂 They’re just so magical. And I need to hear about the elderberry gummys. Mostly what I take from this is I need more furry friends around my place because your girls with the pets just fills my heart. Gorgeous stuff my friend!

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