September 24, 2018

The Traveling Dress Collective – The Champagne Skirt

Earlier this year an amazingly talented fellow photographer/friend of mine (Julie G Photography) asked me if I wanted to join her in a project called The Traveling Dress Collective. This project originally began with 7 photographers who all photographed one dress, each with their own vision. They kept their images private until each one was able to create their vision without influence from others in the group. Last year, The Traveling Dress project became the Traveling Dress Collective. Each original Traveling Dress member created her own group of 7-8 members. Each group has a different dress, but the rules remain the same. Shoot the dress with your vision in mind, do not share your images until the group is finished.  And let me tell you – that was hard!

I’ve got to tell you a little story about my shoot/the dress before we move onto photos. I had a model (a couple) set up, with plans to photograph a sunset on a beautiful mountaintop in town. This shoot was scheduled just a day or two before I needed to send the dress to the next photographer. The morning of the shoot my model wrote me that she was sick – eek!  I sent a slightly panicky message to a few of my friends asking if they’d be interested in helping out with some self portraiture with me or even modeling. Much to my excitement, two my friends could join. We decided to go downtown in the evening and just have fun while getting creative with light and angles. We each took a turn in the dress, laughing harder than we have in ages. I ended up having such a good time shooting out of my comfort zone with friends who truly saved the day.

Head on over to the talented Stephanie Dodson’s blog post to continue on this blog circle!



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