September 11, 2018

The Free 52 – July/August ’18

My oh my, it’s been a busy summer. I’m grateful much of my busy-ness has been adventuring and traveling between work days, but it left a little less in the form of creative freedom the last couple of months. I only took my camera out a few times for freelensing purposes, but I figure I haven’t missed a Free 52 blog post in 2.5 years so I had better not miss one now.  Be sure to follow along the blog circle at the end of this post!


I wish I had freelensed the 4’th of July more, but these are the only shots I got from a few days before. My girl was channeling her inner Gandalf.

As always we spent many days exploring our property.

We went on an amazing camping trip to a beautiful lake at about 8,000 ft. I snapped this quick shot with a vintage lens below between lens changes. My favorite part is the feet behind my daughters head/chair. She was hammock swinging. 😉


Somehow there’s a big chunk of time from mid-July to mid-August where I didn’t freelens one single shot, but oh well. Below is a few images I took while freelensing with my lensbaby on a coastal camping trip. It seems silly since that’s the point of a lensbaby, but I thought it gave an even dreamier feel.

I couldn’t end this post without a property swing photo, as seen below. 😉 The end of August always means constant picking + eating blackberries around here.

So there it is, the remainder of our summer. Be sure to head over to the insanely talented Gwen of Hidden Spring Stories to continue on this blog circle!



  • Leslie Schoen September 11, 2018

    Beautiful as always April!! Freelensing with a lens baby?! What a cool idea! And those shots are amazing!!

    • April Christopher September 12, 2018

      Aw thank you! And I love to freelens with my lensbabys sometimes because I don’t have to fuss over opening an aperture ring haha!

  • Diana September 11, 2018

    I’m so in love with that nature on your doorstep. Such inspiration. It looks like you had a busy, but fulfilling summer. I love the freelensing effect with the lensbaby.

    • April Christopher September 12, 2018

      Thanks so much girl! Nature on our doorstep is really the best. It used to feel very isolating, but it’s better and better the older the kids get to enjoy it.

  • Julie September 11, 2018

    So pretty April!! I love your set freelensing with the lensbaby!! What extra fun blurry goodness!!❤️

    • April Christopher September 12, 2018

      It really feels silly freleensing with an already creative lens, but it bends it even further I feel like haha! It’s easier for me also since I don’t have to fiddle with opening an aperture ring. Thanks so much girl!

  • Katie W. September 11, 2018

    These photos are such a treasure April! I love the life of your kids!

  • Lauren Jensen September 11, 2018

    These are absolutely gorgeous April! Each one has such a dreamy and nostalgic feeling.

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