February 16, 2017

Get in 52 – January

I decided to add a little project to my arsenal this year (what am I thinking?!) – 52 weeks of self portraits. With my kids. My husband. My friends. Or myself. Each week we’ll see, I doubt I’ll have a rhyme or reason to the order.  I found this project through some amazingly talented ladies I follow in the photography world (check out the hashtag #p52radness on IG, WOW!), and it’s already brought me so much joy & insight. It’s made me feel raw, real, and IN the moment rather than simply documenting the moment.  I’m excited for what kind of images will come out of this this year, and even more excited to look back someday and remember I was there, part of the story.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Taken by my lovely friend and talented photographer Nicki of Three Sisters Photography!

Week 4

Be sure to check out the blog that started it all, Dear Photographer.  They posted the first months collaboration and it’s ah-mazing!


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