May 8, 2019

Mother & Daughter

It’s rare I have a session that literally tears me up, but this one did it for me. I was asked by a friend and coworker to photograph her and her 89 year old mother who is visiting from the midwest. She wanted it to be emotive and candid. I asked what kind of things they like to do together, so when I got there we simply did those things. They told old stories, new stories, and brought out pictures to give me a deeper insight into their beautiful life together. They held hands without me prompting most of the time, which I thought was just the sweetest. My mom had just left (also living in the midwest) and this shoot made me miss her fiercely, and swear to take more photos of the two of us next time she’s here. I adored every minutes of capturing the bond these two had.

But enough of my babbling. Press play for some music, and scroll down to enjoy the show.


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