June 26, 2018

Springfield Oregon Family Photographer {a hike with the Clark Family}

I met the Clark Family back in 2011 when I was assigned to be their nurse. I know, not the way you’d expect a photography blog post to start, right?  It was a scary day for Sarah and Travis, and their twin boys were threatening to come early. Hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks, and thank goodness those boys stayed cooking safety in their moms belly. During those weeks I got to know them well, and I was there moments after the boys finally came. I had my babes, and they had another one too, and we still kept in touch and got together often and over the years our kiddos became good friends too.  I lay this all out here because I walked into this shoot wanting to truly capture what a sweet, rad family I’ve come to know. I want to tell the story of how adorable and still ridiculously in love Sarah & Travis are, how little Gracie looks up to her brothers SO much, and how unique each of their personalities are. I’m hoping these photos showing our adventure up a local mountain just hint at their beautiful story. Press play for some jams, scroll down, and enjoy.

Music by: Derek Clegg



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